Bier! Magazine available in English, for iPad

Bier! Magazine, the leading Dutch magazine on the subject of artisanal beer in Belgium, the Netherlands, and further afield, is now available in English, for the iPad tablet platform. The magazine has been around since 2008, and the English version is brand-new as of issue 21.

Editor-in-Chief Fedor Vogel was one of my judging colleagues at the second edition of the Brussels Beer Challenge in Liege last November, and is clearly a fan of Belgian and Dutch beer, as evidenced by the content of the magazine. In issue 21, there is a big feature article on the Orval Trappist Abbey and brewery, as well as a piece on The Brussels Beer Challenge. There is also a look at the hard-to-visit De Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi, East Flanders, and the Troubadour beers, which are brewed there.

Additionally, there is an article on the new Zundert Trappist beer from the Dutch Trappistenbrouwerij de Kievit, the second one in that country, which makes ten Trappist breweries overall in the world. The respected De Molen brewery is also covered, as well as write-up on Pilsen and John Smith’s brewery in England. The magazine is full of high-quality photos.

The table of content page of issue 21, Bier! Magazine
The table of contents page of issue 21, Bier! Magazine

Bier! Magazine is published four times a year, and costs 2.69 euro (about $3.75 U.S.) for a single on-line issue. See here to go to the iTunes store. For a paper subscription, available for the Dutch version only, see here

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