Oud Beersel selects exclusive new U.S. importer, Winter Dog Cellars of Virginia

Oud Beersel, the venerable and highly-respected lambic blendery in Beersel, Belgium, has selected a new importer for the U.S.A., Winter Dog Cellars of Fairfax, Virginia. The deal was announced in a press release by Winter Dog Cellars on September 28, 2022.

I was aware of the impending import agreement for some time, but was unable to report on it until all the details were finalized. Nothing is finished before the paperwork is done, of course!

In addition to many visits over the years, I recently visited Oud Beersel in September 2021, April-May of 2022, and again in August 2022. Things are going very well with the lambic blendery and owner Gert Christiaens. As I wrote about in this previous article, Bierhuis Oud Beersel reopened in January 2022, and business has been great since in this fantastic, refurbished lambic cafe. This is the taphouse/restaurant of Oud Beersel, and it is a great place to spend a few hours sampling their fantastic brews. There is inside as well as outside seating.

Oud Beersel owner and master blender Gert Christiaens pouring an Oud Beersel Madeira Edition in August 2022, inside Bierhuis Oud Beersel.

Gert Christiaens is also President of HORAL, The High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers. The organization describes its aims as: “The main objective of the association is the promotion of traditional lambic beers, in particular Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek. The association also takes initiatives to protect these beers. Every two years, HORAL organizes the Toer de Geuze, the open brewery day of the Pajottenland and the Senne valley.”

Oud Beersel’s Oude Geuze Vieille Vandervelden 140 Years pairs perfectly with a fantastic dish of meatballs and mashed potatoes at Bierhuis Oud Beersel, in April 2022.

Gert Christiaens says: “The relaunch of Oud Beersel focused primarily on the survival of Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek. Meanwhile, many years have passed, and Oud Beersel has released a unique range of beers, including the Green Walnut, the BZART lambic beers produced according to the méthode traditionelle, and a wide range of infusion beers that add flavors from other cultures to the lambic. “With Winter Dog Cellars, we have found the right partner to bring a wide range of our innovative and traditional lambic beers to our fans in the USA. I am convinced that many of you will be surprised by the range of beers and the unique flavors of Oud Beersel that will become available in the USA.”

The press release about the import deal with Winter Dog Cellars and Oud Beersel is below, from Winter Dog Cellars:

“Beer Traditions. Reborn.

We are incredibly proud to announce that we’ve entered into a 5-year exclusive nationwide import deal with Oud Beersel, the globally acclaimed lambic and geuze blender from Beersel, Belgium. This deal covers the entire territory of the United States.

Oud Beersel was founded in 1882 and is one of the world’s finest producers of traditional Belgian lambic and geuze. Since its acquisition by the Christiaens family in 2005, it has also become a recognized leader in the production of deliciously experimental beers that push the boundaries of the venerable lambic and geuze styles. These include their famed Green Walnut lambic, an extensive spirit and wine barrel aging program, and a line of “lambic infusions” with exotic flavors like orange blossom, rose petal and jasmine flower.

Oud Beersel Winter Lambiek. It really does remind you of being lost in a pine forest…but in a good way!
The back label of Oud Beersel Winter Lambiek.

Our first shipment arrives in late-October, and we’ve lovingly curated this perfectly timed “launch lineup” to warm your Holiday season. Settle down by the firepit with Oude Geuze Whisky Barrel Edition, or if you prefer, the Ruby Port Barrel Edition. Take a step into the brewery’s fabled past with their incredibly elegant Vandervelden 140 anniversary geuze. Or find yourself lost in a pine forest on a magical winter’s night with the sublimely delicious Winter Lambiek. These and a few more surprises are coming your way next month!

Import of their core Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek brands, the delicious Bersalis Tripel, and more will follow in February!”

Oud Beersel Green Walnut, Vintage 2018, which is described as such by Oud Beersel: “For the production of the Green Walnut real fruit is used, in the same way as for the Oude Kriek of Oud Beersel. In July the still green walnuts are gathered in the Oud Beersel orchard and are added to the Lambic beer that matured in wooden wine barrels.
The back label of Oud Beersel Green Walnut, Vintage 2018. This is an interesting and delicious lambic beer!

I for one am very excited that we will soon be able to purchase many of the great beers from Oud Beersel stateside in a little over a month or so. I highly recommend lambic lovers to seek these beers out!

Winter Dog Cellars owner Brian Hennighausen has built an impressive array of imported specialty brews from countries such as Belgium, Canada, Italy, Romania, Spain, and Sweden. Also, as I reported in this previous article here, he also has the import rights to another Belgian lambic producer, Lambiek Fabriek. For anyone attending the Snallygaster Beer Festival in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, October 8th, Brian and I will be on hand, pouring some of the Lambiek Fabriek brews.

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    Craig H

    Which distributors are Winter Dog Cellars signed with in California?

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      Lime Ventures.

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