Lambiek Fabriek at Washington, D.C.’s Snallygaster Beer Fest 2023

On Saturday, October 14, Brian Hennighausen, President and Founder of Winter Dog Cellars, and I will be pouring several beers from Lambiek Fabriek at the Snallygaster Beer Festival in Washington, D.C. The Lambiek Fabriek booth will be located inside the Gargoyle tent.

I wrote about Lambiek Fabriek in this previous article here as well as this article about their importation into the U.S.

The Snallygaster festival is one of the best in the country in terms of beer selection, size, open air feel, and plenty of food choices. There are usually about 7,000 attendees, enjoying brews and other beverages within sight of the U.S. capitol.

A row of foeders inside the Lambiek Fabriek lambic blendery in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium.

There are over 175 breweries and 400+ beers on the list. The VIP (Basilisk Pass) session will run from noon until 2 pm, and has been sold out for months. The general admission session will go from 2-6 pm (Kraken Pass) and was nearly sold out as of this writing.

Lambiek Fabriek Schar-Elle.

We will have a limited supply of the superb Schar-Elle during the VIP session. This is a Schaarbeekse Kriek, and described by Lambiek Fabriek as such: “Oude Kriek, a traditional unfiltered blend of lambic, made from a process of spontaneous fermentation, and aged in oak barrels. The lambic has a maceration with fresh ‘Schaarbeekse’ cherries for 6 months.” The lambic itself is about 18 to 24 months old.

Lambiek Fabriek Brett-Elle Oude Geuze, sitting on the ledge of a foeder at the site in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium.

During the general admission session, we will be pouring Brett-Elle Oude Geuze, which is typically a blend of one, two, and three year old lambics. We will also have Juicy and Wild Blue Belle, which is an unfiltered lambic that has a maceration with the Muscat Bleu grape, grown in Limburg, Belgium.

Jo Panneels, co-founder of Lambiek Fabriek, pouring a Brett-Elle Oude Geuze inside the blendery in April 2022.

Lambiek Fabriek was founded by Jo Panneels and Jozef van Bosstraeten in Ruisbroek, Belgium. For details on the origin of the lambic producer, see this previous article here.

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