The Brasserie Dupont Story

Published on October 10, 2013.


If you desire a fine meal while in Tourpes, then Café La Forge is the place. It is just a hundred yards from the brewery. La Forge, named for the anvil (forge) built into its bar, offers two Dupont beers on draft and many in bottles as well. When I first visited in 2004, they offered simpler (though scrumptious) plates of local meats and cheeses. The café dining room has been upgraded and a full menu is offered from Monday to Friday at lunchtime. I savored a delectable steak with frites, paired first with a draft Redor Pils and then with a dry-hopped Saison Dupont on draft. Both were delicious. Rabbit, pork and other meals are available as well. The address is Place 5.

If you don’t make it to Tourpes, the Dupont beers are of course widely available in Belgium at better cafes and beer shops. One of these cafe/bistros is Nüetnigenough in Brussels. The name translates in Bruxellois dialect as “never, never, ever enough,” and the café bills itself as “The Brussels Brasserie For Greedy Gluttons and Fine Beer Lovers.”


This is really my kind of place! Most importantly for the lovers of the Dupont beers, Redor Pils and Saison Dupont are always on draft among the four taps. There is also a “beer of the month” which is often a Dupont beer. The café offers Blanche du Hainaut Bio, Saison Bio, Moinette Blonde Bio, Bière au Miel Bio and Avec les bons Vœux in 75 cl bottles. The beer list doesn’t end there. Among the 32 beers on offer are several Trappist brews, as well as Oude Gueuzes and Oude Krieks from Boon, Cantillon, Hannsens, Oud Beersel and Lindemans. Hoppy brews from Brasserie De la Senne and Brouwerij De Ranke are featured too.


You won’t go hungry at Nüetnigenough either.  To say the least! They focus on Belgian cooking, but that doesn’t stop them from experimenting a bit as well. I’m especially a fan of their veal meatballs in a white beer sauce, as well as the beef stew in Rochefort sauce. The pork filet in honey and mustard sauce is a good choice as well, among the 13 main courses on offer. Prices are very cheap by Brussels standards: only 10 to 17 euro for a main course! Tapas/appetizers/starters (17 of them) run from 2.5 to 7 euro each.


Nüetnigenough is open from noon on weekends and from 5pm on weekdays.

Who knows what other beers the innovative Brasserie Dupont may come up with next! I’m looking forward to my next visit to the brewery, and finding out what goodies Mssr. Dedeycker has planned for us. I’m realllly looking forward to it, in fact. Cheers and Sante!

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