Belgium in a Box can be your proxy and package and ship your Cantillon Brabantiae sets

Published on November 18, 2019.

To all you Lambic Lovers out there: for anyone lucky enough to have successfully purchased a Brasserie Cantillon “Brabantiae” set during Cantillon’s on-line sale last week, Belgium in a Box (BIAB) can be your proxy. Meaning, they can pick up, package, and ship your set to your home.

The sets consisted of six 75 cl bottles in total, namely: two Brabantiae, vintage 2018; one 50 North 4 East, vintage 2018; and three bottles of Fou’Foune, vintage 2019.

Belgium in a Box (BIAB) owner Kurt Verbiest had this to say: “Congratulations on the purchase of the November 2019 Brabantiae 6-pack. We are indeed able to be your proxy for these sets, which must be picked up from Brasserie Cantillon by Tuesday, 31 March 2020. We have created a special email just for those who would like BIAB to be their proxy. So, mail us ONLY at: with the subject: “November 2019 Brabantiae” in the title, with a copy of both your EventBrite Ticket and your photo ID, both in attachment with your email. BIAB will then reply and supply you with a link to pay for the packaging & shipping fee of the 6-pack. Our team will do everything in our power to ensure a quick processing and dispatching of your order. Direct your inquiries or questions only to: Thank you – Kurt and the Belgiuminabox team.”

Brasserie Cantillon requires verification of both a copy of your printed ticket confirmation as well as your photo ID. This info from Cantillon’s Facebook page: “• The bottles must be collected from the brewery – no shipping, no exceptions !
• Proof of purchase must be presented to collect your bottles (this is the ticket in PDF form you will receive by email)
• Proxies will be allowed to collect bottles so long as they are able to present proof of purchase AND a copy of a photo ID of the purchaser. • Bottles must be collected by Tuesday, 31 March 2020.”

Once Belgium in a Box picks up your Brabantiae set from Brasserie Cantillon, Cantillon is no longer involved with what happens afterwards. So, please do NOT contact Cantillon after your proxy has picked up your set, as once they have handed over your set to your proxy, Cantillon’s part is done.

The Belgium in a Box shop in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Belgium in a Box shop in Antwerp, Belgium.

Note that, as always, that Belgium in a Box NEVER charges a fee to be your proxy. The only charges are for the packaging of your beers, which varies by weight. Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination. To have beer shipped home that you bought somewhere other than the BIAB shop, BIAB’s packing fees are as follows: 20 euros for each 10 kg (22 pounds) of weight. So that equates to 20 euros for a 10 kg box, 30 euros for a 15 kg box, 40 euros for a 20 kilo box, and 60 euros for a 30 kg (66 pound) shipment. IMPORTANT:***Note that shipping a box that is just under 30 kilos will give the lowest shipping cost per bottle. Note that about 29.9 kilos would equate to about 18 bottles in the 75 cl size, or about 33 bottles in the 37.5 cl size.***

For example, to have a Brabantiae set (10 kilos of weight) shipped stateside, it would cost 60 euros for the shipping and 20 euros for packaging, for a total cost of 80 euros.

If you like, Belgium in a Box can hold your sets for shipping in a larger box, up to 30 kilos (kg=kilo.) So, for a 30 kilo box, you could add on an additional 12 bottles in the 75 cl size for the most cost effective shipping. This would equate to 100 euros for shipping and 60 euros for packaging if sent to the U.S., for example.

Here are some additional details: U.S. shipping fees: 10 kg = 60 euros; 15 kg = 70 euros; 20 kg = 80 euros; 25 kg = 90 euros; 30 kg = 100 euros. For other countries, to ship 10 kilos (kg) it would cost:

UK : 11.5€
Sweden : 17€
Finland : 17€
Italy : 17.5€
Poland : 15€
Spain : 20€
Denmark : 14.5€
Germany : 8.5€
The Netherlands & Belgium : 7.5€

To all those who successfully secured one of the 2,000 sets Cantillon offered, congrats! You are among the lucky ones.

Brasserie Cantillon, at Rue Gheude 56, in the Anderlecht neighborhood of Brussels. Brussels Midi train station is less than a ten minute walk.

Brasserie Cantillon, at Rue Gheude 56, in the Anderlecht neighborhood of Brussels. Brussels Midi train station is less than a ten minute walk.

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